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24 Hours Muslim Funeral Services

24 Jam Pengurusan Jenazah Singapura

Local Burial. SGD$1,170 or SGD$1,270(Hospital).

(Price accurate as of March 2013)

Transparent price packages.

Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery Burial Fees (Not Included)

Adult $315
Child under 10 years old $140
Child above 10 years old would be bury in adult cemetery

Khairat Kematian Singapura


Our Brand New Hearse(Van) and Hearse(Bus)


About Us


Year 1970We started in Kampung Kaki Bukit, Singapore. Back in the kampung days, muslim funeral arrangements were mostly carried out by relatives or officials from nearby mosque. There was an urgent need for a competent funeral director to make muslim funeral arrangements. The birth of Singapore Muslim Casket.

Year 1986Redevelopment of Kaki Bukit.
We have operated for over 10 years in Kaki Bukit. But it was time for our operation premises to be redeveloped by the government. And thus, we had to move to a new location. We found a suitable location in Telok Kurau Lorong K.

Year 1993Relocation.
The economy was booming and our landlord sold the land for development. After scouting around for some time, we manage to find a flatted factory to house our operations.

Year 1995Delivery of Airconditioned Passenger Hearse(Bus).
We placed an order for customised a Passenger Hearse(Bus) to our specification in the middle of year 1994. After close to one year of development and minor changes, we took delivery of the hearse in year 1995. Through the numerous positive feedbacks from our customers, a decision was made to take delivery of a few more Airconditioned Passenger Hearse(Bus) in the next few years. To date we have 4 Airconditioned Passenger Hearse(Bus) and 4 Airconditioned Passenger Hearse(Van)

Year 1996The Company.
The partners decided that incorporation of the partnership was in due course.

Year 2003We have been operating for over 30 years.

Year 2013We have been serving the Singapore Muslim Community for over 40 years.


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