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24 Hours Muslim Funeral Services

24 Jam Pengurusan Jenazah Singapura

Local Burial. SGD$1,170 or SGD$1,270(Hospital).

(Price accurate as of March 2013)

Transparent price packages.

Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery Burial Fees (Not Included)

Adult $315
Child under 10 years old $140
Child above 10 years old would be bury in adult cemetery

Khairat Kematian Singapura


Our Brand New Hearse(Van) and Hearse(Bus)



Local Funeral Services

We provide either a hearse van or hearse bus to transport the deceased.

Our competent staffs will include the driver for the hearse, the tukang mandi and the qualified imam.

Before burial, cleansing, washing and shrouding of the deceased have to be performed.

A qualified religious person(Tukang Mandi) will perform this rites.

Subsequently, funeral prayers (salat-al-jenazah) will be performed by an imam together with the family members.

Finally the deceased will be transported to the cemetery for the burial

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